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    Tanya Jones-Awolusi, LCSW

    Let’s keep it real, life can be a challenge at times! Let me assist you in navigating through it. I am a LCSW with real life experiences, that have been the catalyst for my “Keep It Real” approach to therapy.

    I congratulate you in making the choice to speak to a therapist and share the most important and private thoughts you have with me. I like to believe that I am the type of therapist that keeps sessions real, applicable, and relatable.

    LCSW is a nice way of saying, I have the degree and license from New Jersey Board of Social Workers to conduct therapy sessions. In order to hold this license, I had to graduate with a Masters Degree in Social Work, followed by two years of supervision in the field. In addition, pass two separate state board test, one for licensure in NJ, and the other for clinical licensure to practice in NJ. I hold a MSW (Master of Social Work) from Kean University since 2012.

    Working with me

    Deciding to speak to a therapist is a very big decision and I am extremely honored that you would choose to do so with me.

    Depression and Anxiety are two twins, I most commonly treat, however I have a variety of other specialty areas as well. We can always talk about problems areas, or outcomes/ goals for treatment, prior to starting, to make sure my therapeutic style is one you would feel comfortable with and enjoy.

    Working with me you will receive practical, genuine, and realistic therapeutic services.

    ​Thank you for considering to flutter change with me!

    Inspirational Quotes

    Change Your Narrative
    Feel The Feels
    Do One Thing Different
    It's Ok To Not Be Ok

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