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    Tanya Jones-Awolusi, LCSW

    Let’s keep it real, life can be a challenge at times! Let me assist you in navigating through it. I am a faith based, LCSW with real life experiences, that have been the catalyst for my “Keep It Real” approach to therapy. I congratulate you in making the choice to speak to a therapist and share the most important and private thoughts you have with me. I like to believe that I am the type of therapist that keeps sessions real, applicable, and relatable. I help Black professional women who are experiencing Depression and/or Anxiety, who feel stuck in life, to explore ways to implement change, and build confidence to move forward.  Deciding to speak to a therapist is a very big decision and I am extremely honored that you would choose to do so with me. 

    Depression and Anxiety are two twins, I most commonly treat, however I have a variety of other specialty areas as well. We can always talk about problems areas, or outcomes/ goals for treatment, prior to starting, to make sure my therapeutic style is one you would feel comfortable with and enjoy. In my practice I strive to provide a Human to Human interaction and connection. 

    It is my belief that all the schooling in the world doesn’t equal genuine care, and a provider that truly tries to make the experience of therapy the most comfortable as possible. Working with me you will experience empowerment and hope for the future. 

    Beatrice Quist

    My name is Beatrice K. Quist. I am a Licensed Social Worker. 

    Oftentimes we don’t take good care of our mental health needs, as we do for our physical health. But our mental health needs as much care as our physical health, if not more. 

    We have been conditioned to monitor and treat our physical health needs, such as our cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc., but we tend to ignore depression, anxiety or substance abuse. However, untreated emotional/mental health needs can be just as serious as cancer or any other physical health disease. 

    With over 10 years of experience working in the field of mental health, I have come to realize that everything that we do in life begins with our minds, and taking care of  the mind sets the stage for growth, which helps us to become the better version of ourselves. 

    I am bi-cultural and bi-lingual, – fluent in English and Ghanaian Akan/Twi languages. I am passionate about helping my clients navigate through their mental health needs and I draw from a range of evidenced-based approaches to help clients manage these needs. I have a compassionate and collaborative style. I focus on helping each individual uniquely. Together, we will set goals and take steps to achieve them. 

    Email, or call me today, let’s talk!

    Jasmine Fields

     Becoming a mother is a transformative experience that can unexpectedly leave you feeling alone and unrecognizable. As a therapist, I am here to listen, help you gain new coping skills and perspectives, and help you process any trauma that may come to the surface while you find your way back to a sense of normalcy. I feel called to hold space for women of color and their families who need a supportive space to open up and share while they navigate the emotions and challenges that may arise during all stages of motherhood.

    Join me as I provide a unique and safe space focusing on, but not limited to postpartum depression and anxiety, infertility and the stress of fertility treatment, co-parenting, reconnecting in your relationship or marriage after having children, being a single mother, adjusting to being a working parent or leaving your career to stay home.

    No matter what stage of life you are in, I can work with you to create a client-driven approach towards healing. 

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