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    What is Therapy?

    Therapy also called psychotherapy or counseling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to discuss problematic behaviors, thoughts, emotions, issues, and/or relationships. Some will say, “How will talking about my problems help?” Well, you would be surprised at how having another person to talk to can relieve a person of pain, doubt, inadequacy, shame, and guilt. A person can have a therapy session alone, with family, or within a group setting. The step to seek a therapist is a big one and takes more courage to do then not to take the step.

    Many cultures look down upon sharing one’s problems, family issues, and past mistakes. Through therapy, you can change norms, behaviors, and resolve painful feelings or conflicts. There is no one way to do therapy, and many styles to choose from. The key to great therapy is to make sure you feel connected to the therapist and can feel relaxed when speaking to them. You should be challenged in sessions, and yet at the same time feel supported. On another note, therapy is not a session where a therapist tells you what to do with your life, but guides you through decisions and emotions. It is truly a relationship of give and take.